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Dr. Regina N. Watteel

Dr. Regina N. Watteel

Dr. Regina N. Watteel holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Western Ontario, an MSc in Statistics from McMaster University (Mac), and a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, also from Mac. She has served as a consultant to medical practitioners, social scientists and various levels of government in Canada. Regina also served as the principal statistician for an Ottawa-based economics consulting firm that specialized in econometrics, program evaluation, business case development and risk-benefit-options analysis. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate level university courses in multivariate statistical analysis, data analysis and engineering statistics.

Dr. Watteel’s career path took a dramatic turn following a motor vehicle accident in which a substance impaired driver plowed into her while she was loading groceries into her vehicle. Ultimately, she stepped down from her position to focus on rehabilitation, health and her three children.

During the pandemic, concerns over the censorship of important scientific information and a government course of action that seemed to be moving in a direction of maximal harm and risk prompted her to speak out against lockdowns and vaccine mandates, and to run as a candidate in the 2021 federal election for Ottawa Center. She has been outspoken about the need for transparency and the importance of adhering to a rational, evidence-based approach to the pandemic that is open to scrutiny. Regina is an advocate for the restoration of scientific integrity in this country, and is the author of the best-selling exposé Fisman’s Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science.